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Weekly News - March 12

From the Head of School

This has been another momentous week at GPS with second trimester report cards going home, a once in a decade hail storm in the middle of the day, parent teacher conferences, and the return of many of our Middle School students for in-person instruction. With the imminent advancement by LA County into the red tier from the purple tier, and the vaccination of the GPS faculty and staff, we are moving ever closer to the conditions that will result in a more normal school environment. While we now have all of our grade levels able to come on campus for instruction, we are still offering the hybrid program that allows students to attend lessons on-line. We are also still following all of the CDC and Department of Health protocols to ensure that our students and staff learn and work in a safe environment. These measures, such as face masks, group separation, hand washing, etc., will continue on into the future until we put the pandemic behind us.

One of the consequences of the ever-improving situation in LA County has been the exponential increase of tours and applications for the next school year. Some of the families that have applied were recommended by current GPS families and we thank you for getting out the word about our great faculty and academic program. Looking forward to the summer, we have now set the dates for our Summer Camp program. The Preschool camp will start on June 7th and the K-8 camp will start on June 14th. Look for more details and registration forms in the coming week.

Our next on-line school assembly will take place on Friday, March 26 at 8:30. In addition to the learner profile awards, we will also have our traditional Pi Day competition. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14159. Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern. Pi’s infinite nature makes it a fun challenge to memorize, and during our Friday assembly we will have a competition to recite the most number of digits of Pi. The prize for wining the competition is, as you will have probably guessed, a piece of pie!

New Pick Up Procedure For Middle School Students

With the rainy days this week, we moved the Middle School afternoon pick up to the covered area in front of Nursery Room. We have decided that this is a better place and we will continue to do the afternoon Middle School pick up from this new location.

GPS Spirit Wear

With our students back on campus, we are delighted to see all the new GPS branded polo shirts and sweatshirts. Here is the link for ordering your GPS spirit wear.

Summer Camp 2021

Student Council News

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