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An Academic Program with a Global Perspective

At GPS we believe that happy kids learn best.  That’s why we teach according to the research-based, time-tested guidelines of the International Baccalaurate program, which ensure we teach our students in the ways children are proven to learn best.  It’s also why we follow the agreements of a Tribes Learning Community which means every member of our community feels respected and accepted.

At GPS we encourage exploration, creation and the freedom to excel. We believe that a lifetime of learning begins early and that the best academic programs are tailored to the individual. Our small class sizes, high quality academics, and the integration of technology support our individualized approach, while our teachers make learning relevant and enjoyable.


  • Small class sizes enable our teachers to truly individualize the educational process as they discover how each child learns and how best to motivate them. GPS teachers can modify the experience for each student, providing extra challenge or extra support as needed.

  • Close student-teacher relationships allow GPS students to be comfortable taking educational risks and discussing new ideas as active participants in the classroom.

  • Our “learning by doing” approach means that lessons are taught the way children learn best – actively. We use reenactments and games to provide enjoyment and context and bring learning to life.

  • We use technology to add dimension and impact, so lessons are more deeply absorbed and remembered. Students are taught to use technology to facilitate communication and creativity, often developing multimedia presentations and podcasts as part of their projects.


  • Tribes Learning Community agreements guide us as we learn and play together, resulting in a positive, supportive environment. Families and faculty join together in endorsing these principles which form the foundations of good citizenship and ethical decision-making.


GPS students enjoy being at school and our teachers take pleasure in guiding them. Our graduates emerge from GPS’s supportive, nurturing environment with the confidence to lead and learn knowing that education should be empowering and enjoyable, that their voice matters, that good character is as important as strong math and science skills, and that they have a community cheering for their success.

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