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Lower School Program K-5

Why Choose Granada Preparatory School’s Lower School?

Granada Preparatory School's Lower School is a continuation of the outstanding program that was offered at Chatsworth Hills Academy for over 40 years.  To the residents of the culturally diverse and globally connected San Fernando Valley, it stands out as a school of choice because of its academic program that follows the prestigious Primary Years Programme (PYP)of the International Baccalaureate Programme.

The International Baccalaureate Programme is recognized worldwide as being the best student preparation for success in middle and high school, college, and in the world of work of the 21st century. Granada Preparatory School's core curriculum is based upon the California State Standards but offers its students so much more by expanding these ideas into globally significant concepts.  For example, the California Gold Rush is taught under the concept of “competing for limited resources results in conflict,” which is a globally relevant idea.

In addition to our dedicated classroom teachers, the students have expert single subject teachers who cover the specialist areas such as Visual and Performing Arts, Music, Information Technology, and Physical Education. Our students’ hidden talents and individual strengths blossom in these high quality performing arts, visual arts, and physical education programs. In addition, all students in the Lower School are taught Spanish.

The educators at GPS are dedicated to creating curious and internationally minded learners, and we are certain parents and students alike thrive in Granada Preparatory School’s nurturing and inclusive community.

Developing the Whole Child

The school’s Tribes program helps to create the nurturing environment that the school is so proud of and that we feel is essential to promote learning.  The Tribes program teaches students to be attentive listeners, to show mutual respect to each other and their teachers, to participate in a collaborative manner, and to not put others or themselves down.  This program helps students to develop the sense of belonging and involvement in their school.  This program teaches students many of the essential soft skills that our students will need to be successful socially and in their future careers. The School’s very active Student Council provides students with the opportunity to take leadership roles.  The Student Council provides activities for their fellow students and supports other school activities such as spirit week, talent shows and the holiday parade.

Exploring the World Through Field Trips

In addition to frequent daytime field trips in all Lower School grades, students in grades 4th and 5th have overnight school trips to help build a sense of independence.  These trips in recent years have been to Camp Highland, Sea World and Pali Camp.  Trips are from 3 to 4 days.

Taking Action

Granada Preparatory School believes that developing a sense that every individual can make a difference is important, and we achieve this through the concept of taking action. It is not enough to just know something; students at GPS are encouraged to take their learning a further step.  They are asked to use what they know. These actions can be as simple as finding out more, sharing with others, or can extend to addressing an environmental or social need in their community. In the Exhibition Unit, the final culminating project for students in grade 5, students demonstrate their ability to use both the soft and the hard skills that they have learned during their time in Lower School to investigate a topic of their own choosing.  They work in small groups to research the topic, conduct interviews of experts in their chosen topic, create solutions, and make presentations about their findings to their teachers, classmates, other students, and their parents. Younger students present “mini exhibitions” to learn the art and skill of presentation, which will be fully exercised at the end of their Lower School years.



The school offers PE classes to all grades, and in addition the school has after-school sports teams. Boys and girls in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to be on the school's volleyball, basketball, and soccer​ teams against other local schools.


Before and After School Care

  • The school offers free early morning care that starts at 7:00 a.m.

  • Extended Day is offered until 6:00 p.m.


Learning and Evaluating

At Granada Preparatory School we recognize that students can learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.  Our carefully developed concept loaded units of inquiry maximize the opportunity for our teachers to allow students to explore their own interests while learning the skills being taught.  The school carefully makes sure that tasks are differentiated and that students receive assessments that guide them to improvement. At The Completion of Lower School, GPS Students Can…

  • Communicate their thoughts orally, in writing, through technology, and using the arts

  • Advocate for themselves

  • Think critically and analyze information

  • Take responsible action using what they have learned

  • Act with integrity and honesty

  • Ask questions

  • Learn independently and collaborate effectively with others

  • Be reflective about their own learning

  • Make connections between local and global issues

  • Critically appreciate their own culture as well as the values and traditions of others

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