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Weekly News - April 23

From the Head of School

This has been a very productive week with much activity happening in all the classes. Our second and third graders ended their unit titled, “A Systematic Society” with presentations of their individual projects. To address the central theme of the unit that, “societies have many systems in place to help people live and work together” each student made a scale model of the community they lived in. As part of the presentation, they outlined the various connections that they identified in their community that showed how it was a system that supported the people living there. Our fourth and fifth graders have been reading the book “Bud not Buddy”, a Newbery Award winner by Christopher Paul Curtis. This book, which looks at the social upheavals of the Great Depression through the eyes of a child, is well connected to the 5th Grade Exhibition unit. The presentation for this unit will take place next Friday with students presenting their personal projects related to a global problem or issue that they have researched. One of the activities connected to the book involved making a suitcase of items to take with you on a trip. When I came upon Brandon and Dexter busily working on this activity, they were very excited to share with me the contents of their suitcase and how much they enjoyed reading this book.

Our student council continues to be very active in promoting school-wide projects. This week they concluded their collection of food items to be donated to MEND, which stands for Meet Each Need with Dignity. Many thanks to all of the parents that donated items for this project and to all of the student council reps for their desire to help underprivileged families. The donations, taken in today by Ms. Green, totaled almost 400 lbs.


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